Hollow world!!

It is particularly not that intriguing to think about what to write in your first blog post, at least not as much as compared to why you created the blog in the first place. The birth of this baby called ‘internet’ is not totally welcome as the repercussions have decided to take the two sides of a coin. The straightforward positive aspect of which is that, you are able to look into this blog and the obvious negative aspect is you forming an opinion of it. Ah! The right to opinion, that’s what shapes this entire circling ball called earth on which the enigma of human life exists. Another important aspect of this life is the so called¬†observable. Since this blogpost(s) will contain implications based on these terms, let ‘me’ first define them according to ‘me’.

1. Opinion – An abstract concept of taking the sides of yes/no, good/bad, true/false based on defuzzification of collective observations.

2. Observable – A real input to the sense organs

3. Defuzzification – Process of obtaining a crisp/boolean/concrete answer from observations.

Now I sincerely hope that if you have come this far, you will be willing to go a line further.

I would like to introduce myself as a student who has created this blog to express ‘my’ opinion on how opinions can create/destroy confidence as well as anxiety where I will share my experiences on growing up as a student in a typical Indian social and educational set-up and the different mind-games I have to play/face while climbing up the tree of time….